The Author: Glynn Burridge Growing up in Iran during the halcyon days of the Shah, English - born Glynn Burridge would become English tutor to the Pahlavi Royal Household and interpreter/translator in the Farsi language before leaving his adopted home at the onset of the Islamic Revolution.

Escaping to Seychelles, where the Pahlavi family owned a private island estate, the author was based in the Amirantes Islands for twenty years, acquiring extensive knowledge and experience of the Seychelles’ Outer Islands which are the setting for ‘Kolony’.

Mobile:  (+248) 272 4228
Address: Monte Cristo, Anse a la                Mouche, Mahe, Seychelles.
More Books: Voices ‘Voices’ is a collection of 20 short stories which has since won acclaim for its powerful style and the intriguing way it explores the realities and fantasies of living on remote islands, where the author was based for twenty years.

‘Voices’ covers a wide range of subjects and genres: horror stories, tales of true adventure, animal anecdotes, fantastic fishing yarns and accounts of hidden pirate treasure. Together they offer the reader a unique ‘insiders’ view into the way of life on Seychelles’ Outer Islands as well of local beliefs, customs and traditions that it is difficult to come upon elsewhere.