Glynn Burridge appears in Imperia Magazine


Glynn Burridge appears in Imperia Magazine


Bird Island

The Lodge at World’s Edge                                                       By Glynn Burridge   I first came to Bird Island in 1978, shortly after settling in Seychelles and, immediately, was captured by its astonishing beauty which has remained for me the benchmark against which I have judged the many islands of the archipelago I have visited since Today, 36 years […]

3rd Edition of Voices: short stories from the Seychelles Islands by Glynn Burridge now available as a kindle ebook

Now in its 3rd edition, complete with fresh design and extra stories, the evergreen ‘Voices’ collection of Seychelles short stories by Glynn Burridge describes the strange secrets, realities and fantasies of life on Seychelles’ Outer Islands where the author lived for two decades.   Reviewed by the BBC as ‘beautiful and powerful’, ‘Voices’ was also […]

Seychelles goes Carnival for fourth year running

Seychelles has just hosted the 4th edition of the  between 25th and 27th April 2014, an event to capture the imagination of an increasingly troubled and insecure planet for the way it showcases international goodwill and cooperation between a steadily increasing number of participants. This year included not only old favourites Notting Hill, Brazil, Dusseldorf, […]


Ghosts  (The eternal pain of Exile) On the windswept plains of ancient Pars Ghosts stir from half a century’s slumber: Persian valleys,  blossom-heavy boughs And Khayyam’s whispering, silver streams Persian winds scent Seychelles nights with perfumes from another life Long-forgotten faces, places, and the musky scents of spring Ruffle the calm waters of my island […]

Lost and Never Found

The Lost and (Never) Found by Glynn Burridge Comes a time in most’ our lives When bad luck does the rounds Life no more’n a ruined house With pieces all around That’s when you gotta keep it real Get yourself up off the ground Or you might wake and find yourself In the Lost and […]


                                                     Cinnamon     It seems cinnamon has always been Scented trees among the panoply Lending the air sweet perfume Rolling down green hillsides Towards a sapphire sea   The treasure of another time When spices, like gold, Were sought throughout the world And men climbed mountains to strip the bark To garnish […]

New cover of Voices: Seychelles short stories by Glynn Burridge. 3rd edition out soon.

Here is a sneak preview of the new cover of Voices: Seychelles short stories by Glynn Burridge, newly designed and with some new stories added  for this 3rd edition. Due out soon! A big thanks to Erwin Burian for the new cover. Google+

Seychelles’ Blue Economy: Tourism

Seychelles Blue Economy: Tourism   Introduction   When developing for the future it is hardly surprising that Seychelles’ tourism industry should look to its Blue Economy to chart its way forward. Surrounded by 1.4 s km of Exclusive Economic Zone, the Seychelles Islands were created with the all-enveloping ocean in mind and since the early […]