Ghosts  (The eternal pain of Exile) On the windswept plains of ancient Pars Ghosts stir from half a century’s slumber: Persian valleys,  blossom-heavy boughs And Khayyam’s whispering, silver streams Persian winds scent Seychelles nights with perfumes from another life Long-forgotten faces, places, and the musky scents of spring Ruffle the calm waters of my island […]

Lost and Never Found

The Lost and (Never) Found by Glynn Burridge Comes a time in most’ our lives When bad luck does the rounds Life no more’n a ruined house With pieces all around That’s when you gotta keep it real Get yourself up off the ground Or you might wake and find yourself In the Lost and […]


                                                     Cinnamon     It seems cinnamon has always been Scented trees among the panoply Lending the air sweet perfume Rolling down green hillsides Towards a sapphire sea   The treasure of another time When spices, like gold, Were sought throughout the world And men climbed mountains to strip the bark To garnish […]