Poem: Return of the Native – Egbert Ollmann

Return of the native

Egbert Ollmann

Salt of the Earth Traveller

So very far from home

African adventures in a battered car

Exploring a world gentler than ours

Winds of destiny brought you, tumbling, to these shores

On a boat that breathed its last

On Praslin’s golden sands

From there, she called you

And for forty years, made you her own

The love affair of an island

And her man

Now, my friend, she summons you one final time,

Her old flame

To return your proud ashes to her sweet soil

For ever

About glynnburridge

Englishman who grew up in Iran and worked as an interpreter/translator before moving to Seychelles, becoming a published author and working as chief copywriter and tourism consultant for the Seychelles Tourism Board. Loves motorbikes. Enjoys cooking, tennis and hanging out.
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