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Englishman who grew up in Iran and worked as an interpreter/translator before moving to Seychelles, becoming a published author and working as chief copywriter and tourism consultant for the Seychelles Tourism Board. Loves motorbikes. Enjoys cooking, tennis and hanging out.

Obituary: Dodi Pahlavi. Daughter to Princess Ashraf, Shah of Iran’s twin sister

  Gazing back through Time’s veil to a distant life in my beloved Iran, I can still catch the sound of Dodi’s unique, irrepressible laughter, ringing through Saadabad’s beautiful gardens as eloquent testament to her infectious love of life and … Continue reading

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Best Seychelles Beaches

Best Seychelles Beaches    A thousand miles from anywhere, the Seychelles archipelago was born in the distant past in the turmoil of a massive geological upheaval.  This scattering of islands was so remote that it was left untouched by mankind … Continue reading

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Weddings in Heaven

Romancing the Seychelles Islands       Sensual Seychelles haslong been dubbed ‘the islands of love’. Home to the unique Vallée de Mai purported by many to be the site of the original Garden of Eden, it is little wonder … Continue reading

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Poetry: Acid on the Tree

Acid on the Tree  Of all the things in this wide world The saddest is to see Someone who’s drunk from Friendship’s bough Pouring acid on the tree   T’was like walking through a leafy, garden lane To the perfect, … Continue reading

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Jihadism and the comfy cabin

  Where extremism is concerned, I have long believed, from my time witnessing the Iranian revolution, that we are increasingly looking at an expression of violently-projected hopelessness on the part of the have-nots of the planet against the haves. Shrunken down … Continue reading

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Glynn Burridge contributes foreword to Michael Adams Book: Island soul

Foreword: Michael Adams’ Souls By Glynn Burridge, author of ‘Voices’: Seychelles short stories and ‘Kolony’: a novel of the Seychelles.             From his exquisite collection of sketches, faces wearing half-forgotten yet instantly familiar expressions peer … Continue reading

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Air Routes to Seychelles experience an upsurge

    Upsurge in air routes connects Seychelles with new tourism markets by Glynn Burridge If one of the chief motors driving a successful tourism industry is successfully identifying a destination’s markets, then supplying airlift to those markets is also … Continue reading

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Seychelles: Nature’s last sanctuary

Seychelles: Nature’s last sanctuary by Glynn Burridge   The Seychelles Islands were first discovered by the brave Arab mariners of the 9th century B.C. who first began to chart the unknown waters of an ocean they called the ‘bahr al … Continue reading

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Poetry – Iran: Memories

Memories of Iran   You were sleeping the slumber of ages When I first saw you Behind virtue’s veil Folds caressed by zephyrs Of a golden past   I loved to watch you sleeping, then My innocence and yours Reposing … Continue reading

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Seychelles mindblowing cuisine

Seychelles – a taste of four continents By Glynn Burridge   If, as is often argued, a nation’s gastronomy is its most influential ambassador, then nothing can do greater credit to the Seychellois Creole culture than its divine cuisine. Seychelles … Continue reading

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