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Glynn Burridge appears in Imperia Magazine


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Excerpt from my thriller: Kolony.

           Chapter 4             Handforth descended to the ocean floor with the silken embrace of its tepid waters coursing beneath the membrane of his dive-suit. Visibility was very good, excellent even; something he was coming to take for granted from the … Continue reading

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Fishing where time stands still

Fishing where Time stands still By Glynn Burridge As a brand, Seychelles resonates powerfully as a unique collection of islands blessed with surreal, natural beauty, a near-perfect climate and a tiny population (88,000) enjoying the quintessential island lifestyle in almost … Continue reading

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Philos Edmond…A Seychelles icon

Philos and the Russians   One of my stand-out memories of Philos was the time in April 1989, when Rosemary sent him down to D’arros with me and on a strict diet, far from the temptations of home. Things started … Continue reading

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Running through Eden: Seychelles’ Eco-Friendly Marathon

  Running through Eden   Sapphire seas, cobalt skies and a meandering road ahead, sandwiched between lush forests, largely untouched since the dawn of time and the lapping of the Indian Ocean against magnificent, silver sands. I adjust my sunglasses … Continue reading

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Tempest: a poem by Glynn Burridge

  Tempest Our old sailing beauty Yaws dizzily in her century-old duel with a drunken sea Tossed again between spiteful, wind-tormented waves and a leaden sky Ancient planks hewn from a long-forgotten forest shriek out in pained falsetto Drowned by … Continue reading

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Diving the Dream Seychelles Islands

Diving the Dream Islands of the Seychelles Archipelago by Glynn Burridge Two divers slice the pristine, crystal waters off the north-west coast of Mahé, principal island of the jewel of the Indian Ocean: the stunningly beautiful Seychelles Archipelago. What they … Continue reading

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Glynn Burridge, author of adventure thriller KOLONY, interviewed on Indie book promo site

Interview with Glynn Burridge, author of Kolony Indie Book Promo is happy to welcome Glynn Burridge, author of Kolony, to the blog! He is here to share some information about himself and his writing! If this book sounds like something … Continue reading

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Siren’s Song part 4 (final) Excerpt from ‘Voices’, collection of Seychelles’ short stories

  By the time I returned to D’arros, the pace of life had sped up considerably and it was decided we would need someone with basic medical knowledge on the island. I volunteered to go into training. Until then, the … Continue reading

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Siren’s Song part 3

There were a host of adjustments to be made and the first was to make friends with the mighty Indian Ocean, now only twenty meters from my doorstep. From one day to the next, that uninterrupted body of water, slipping … Continue reading

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