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Lost and Never Found

The Lost and (Never) Found by Glynn Burridge Comes a time in most’ our lives When bad luck does the rounds Life no more’n a ruined house With pieces all around That’s when you gotta keep it real Get yourself … Continue reading

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Excerpt from my thriller: Kolony.

           Chapter 4             Handforth descended to the ocean floor with the silken embrace of its tepid waters coursing beneath the membrane of his dive-suit. Visibility was very good, excellent even; something he was coming to take for granted from the … Continue reading

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Philos Edmond…A Seychelles icon

Philos and the Russians   One of my stand-out memories of Philos was the time in April 1989, when Rosemary sent him down to D’arros with me and on a strict diet, far from the temptations of home. Things started … Continue reading

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Siren’s Song part 4 (final) Excerpt from ‘Voices’, collection of Seychelles’ short stories

  By the time I returned to D’arros, the pace of life had sped up considerably and it was decided we would need someone with basic medical knowledge on the island. I volunteered to go into training. Until then, the … Continue reading

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