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3rd Edition of Voices: short stories from the Seychelles Islands by Glynn Burridge now available as a kindle ebook

Now in its 3rd edition, complete with fresh design and extra stories, the evergreen ‘Voices’ collection of Seychelles short stories by Glynn Burridge describes the strange secrets, realities and fantasies of life on Seychelles’ Outer Islands where the author lived for two decades.   Reviewed by the BBC as ‘beautiful and powerful’, ‘Voices’ was also […]

Lost and Never Found

The Lost and (Never) Found by Glynn Burridge Comes a time in most’ our lives When bad luck does the rounds Life no more’n a ruined house With pieces all around That’s when you gotta keep it real Get yourself up off the ground Or you might wake and find yourself In the Lost and […]

Excerpt from my thriller: Kolony.

           Chapter 4             Handforth descended to the ocean floor with the silken embrace of its tepid waters coursing beneath the membrane of his dive-suit. Visibility was very good, excellent even; something he was coming to take for granted from the Indian Ocean.              As he began to orientate himself, a familiar tightness began to grip his […]

‘Voices’ by Glynn Burridge: Around the World – page by page

Voices receives acclaim from globe-trotting bookworm! Google+