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Branding a tourism destination

Branding a tourism destination Glynn Burridge We increasingly live in a world cluttered with brands of cars, clothes, food, accessories and, in fact, just about anything you care to care to name. Very little escapes the pressing need to be … Continue reading

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Best Seychelles Beaches

Best Seychelles Beaches    A thousand miles from anywhere, the Seychelles archipelago was born in the distant past in the turmoil of a massive geological upheaval.  This scattering of islands was so remote that it was left untouched by mankind … Continue reading

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Seychelles goes Carnival for fourth year running

Seychelles has just hosted the 4th edition of the  between 25th and 27th April 2014, an event to capture the imagination of an increasingly troubled and insecure planet for the way it showcases international goodwill and cooperation between a steadily … Continue reading

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Seychelles’ Blue Economy: Tourism

Seychelles Blue Economy: Tourism   Introduction   When developing for the future it is hardly surprising that Seychelles’ tourism industry should look to its Blue Economy to chart its way forward. Surrounded by 1.4 s km of Exclusive Economic Zone, … Continue reading

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