In 1884, descendants of an ancient colony of pirates and their brutal tribal allies capture a scientific research vessel and its occupants who are then shipwrecked together on a remote atoll of the Seychelles Archipelago, where they evolve, over time, into a heinous, bloodthirsty cult with a wide sphere of influence.

A century later, they are encountered by a divided expedition of modern-day travellers who must unravel the age-old mystery of the ‘Kolony’, its dark past and terrible secret, beforethey become the latest in a long line of its victims.

“Brilliant book, Glynn Burridge is up there with the best. This book takes the reader on a roller coaster of a ride; this would make a terrific film. The events that occur have a touch of horror around the lifestyle of the hidden cult that exists on a remote island. The twists and turns will have you on the edge of your seat, wanting to find out what happens next. A thriller that you just do not want to put down…”

Richard Jenner. UK

“A justifiably excellent review!”

Christine Hopwood. Bath. UK